Today Bubbel decided to terrorise me. For real. With FOOD! But let me explain from the start. Like in cooking, also here, the sequence of events is crucial.

This morning, 7am, we were woken up by the Amazon driver. He brought food. Plenty of food. I wish Bubbel was allowing me to take photos of him at the cracked dawn;  he’s a perfect image of an Italian (wo)man: messy hair (I’ve been telling him to have it cut for at least two weeks now but there seems to be some objections going on there), sexy (not) outfit… Heaven!

So 7am. We get at least five bags of, what looks like, potential feast for the belly. But I am obviously too busy getting ready, to investigate. So I have to face a WHOLE day of wondering, what he will cook! The terror begins!

Finally my office day is over. I get home and he’s not there. The terror continues.

I try to keep myself busy. I avoid eye contact with the oven. The temperature is rising. Finally he arrives. I am jumping for joy. My taste buds dance, my stomach sights, we are ready… He takes out the pan and puts the oil in.. then in goes garlic and basil ( yes! yes! he did not forget).

Mince, tomatoes, we are getting closer to the moment of joy.

And then, at exactly that moment he leaves the kitchen. I follow him to the bedroom and to my complete fright… I see him putting  his black leggings on. He is going for a run! It suddenly hits me, that I will have to face at least another hour of emptiness, with flavours calling my name OUT LOUD!

An hour later he comes back. The room filled with fresh tomatoes’ smell is making me crazy. I want my FOOD! He must see my frustration. He walks in to the kitchen. And to my further disappointment I realise that cooking pasta is not only about the tomatoes. It is ACTUALLY about cooking the ACTUAL PASTA! So here comes.. another minutes, which feel like hours, like days, like a century!


And I could go on and on and tell you, how difficult it was.. But I will save you my kitchen terror. I will not RUN the pasta.. I will SHARE the pasta. In all its amazing yumminess, it’s tastiness, it’s wonderfulness. Enjoy!

Written by Knubbel

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