About us

Hallo World – a warm welcome from Knubble & Bubble. So here is the thing… We are Knubbel and Bubbel. Bubbel travels a lot. And by travel,  I mean trips far away from London, where we live. Trips which take him away from me for at least few days. This is an issue. Not so much for me but for…my stomach. I need to be honest. My stomach loves food. His food. And it suffers. We suffer. Endless misery and feeling of emptiness without the tasty fluffy scrambled eggs which melt in your mouth, with crunchy warm bread and coffee that smells like heaven. Are you with me? If so, I am sure you are now at least at the middle level of ‘hungry’ with your stomach rumbling and taste buds sending signals with a speed of light. And if on top of that, your fridge is empty – you wish you had never put ‘food’ or ‘eggs’ or ‘ he cooks’ in your browser. Ups… Sorry. Did I just make it worse by mentioning ‘food’ again? This was not my intention!

But I fear that instead, I will attract 1. a number of jealous ladies who wish their b-friends cooked for them, 2. angry b-friends who wish this crazy food monster never created the blog, as their life has become a nightmare, the day their girls read about this amazing man who cooks for his woman.

I do hope thought, that there will be some room for 3. food and words fans,  who will find this blog tasty and warm with exciting stories from our K&B life which, although not that far from normal, makes us happy and HUNGRY to share  with the world!