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Today Bubbel decided to terrorise me. For real. With FOOD! But let me explain from the start. Like in cooking, also here, the sequence of events is crucial.

This morning, 7am, we were woken up by the Amazon driver. He brought food. Plenty of food. I wish Bubbel was allowing me to take photos of him at the cracked dawn;  he’s a perfect image of an Italian (wo)man: messy hair (I’ve been telling him to have it cut for at least two weeks now but there seems to be some objections going on there), sexy (not) outfit… Heaven!

So 7am. We get at least five bags of, what looks like, potential feast for the belly. But I am obviously too busy getting ready, to investigate. So I have to face a WHOLE day of wondering, what he will cook! The terror begins! Continue reading